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Welcome to The Board Games Critic. Board games have slowly become less popular over time and have been overtaken by more technical items such as games consoles and other gadgets, however our website aims to revitalise the board game hobby.  Here on our website we aim to provide the best board games resource online which will provide board game fanatics, players and people looking for the perfect board game, with all of the information and board game news they need in one place.

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At Bard Games Critic we provide up to date information for all the most popular board games in our board games database which gives you all of the board game history, game play information, age suitability, best deals from across the web as well as much more. Our board games database is supported by our range of up to date user generated board game reviews which help you to pick a suitable board game that has been given kudos by the rest of our board games community.

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bridge up board game

This London themed trivia style board game is going to be shown at toy fairs around the world including New York, Nuremberg... Read More

Justice League

The Warner Bros company have teamed up with Wonder Forge to design, create and release a series of kids board games based... Read More

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Full House

Board games will always be popular amongst families, especially when they’re out on a family holiday and want to spend... Read More

Halloween Board Games

It’s almost that time of year again when Halloween is just a few weeks away and people all over the world are starting... Read More

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Sexopoly Board Game Board

The Sexopoly board game is an adult board game released by IOS Games Ltd, a UK based company well known for it’s development of adult orientated... Read This Review

You've Been Sentenced

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B000EVLZ9U” alt=”You’ve Been Sentenced” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/514A9acZ3xL._SL160_.jpg”... Read This Review

Clue Board Game

The Clue board game, or Cluedo as it’s known in many places, is a fantastic murder mystery/strategy board game which is perfect for those dark nights... Read This Review

Game Of Life Board Game Box

That’s Life, or at least the Life board game anyway. The Life board game, otherwise known as The Game Of Life, is a family board game which requires... Read This Review

Chaotic Connections Board Game Box Front

The Chaotic Connections board game is a family board game bought to you by Chaotic Connections LLC. This family game was released onto the market just... Read This Review

Dabble Board Game Box

The Dabble board game is a fun and funky Word/Educational board game bought to you by Brooklyn based inventor George Weiss. DABBLE provides fun for the... Read This Review

Twisted Fish

The Twisted Fish game is a card game from McNeil Designs, Designs For Brighter Mights. Their company has been around since 2004 and in that time has released... Read This Review

Cashflow 101 Board Game

The Cashflow board game is the game which has been dubbed as this centuries Monopoly board game on steroids, it’s an educational board game which... Read This Review

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1Sexopoly Board Game Reviews4.694.694.694.694.69
2Dabble Board Game Reviews4.834.834.834.834.83
3Twisted Fish Card Game Review55555
4Classic Monopoly Board Game Reviews4.
5Classic Scrabble Board Game Reviews55555