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Cashflow 101 Board Game
Overall Rating3.
Durability Rating4.
Fun Factor Rating33333
Educational Rating3.

1 Positive Review(s)

4 / 5

1 Negative Review(s)

Overall - The Cashflow 101 Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 4 Out Of 5 - Based On 2 Reviews.

The Cashflow board game is the game which has been dubbed as this centuries Monopoly board game on steroids, it’s an educational board game which is designed by the best selling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki. The game is designed and packaged to teach people financial strategies and tactics by simulating real world financial situations based around investing. The idea is to give players the experience, upsides and downsides of investing without the risks so often associated with it.

Work your way through the game, choose your path from the “Rat Race” or “Fast Track” and make your financial decisions wisely to hold onto your money and increase your wealth.

The Cashflow board game is a good educational board game, it makes learning fun for a change.

The game is designed for between 2-6 players and there is a junior addition available, so your kids can get involved too and start learning financial responsibility early in life.

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  • David Long said:

    I think people often get the “wrong end of the stick” with this board game, a lot of people think it will be their answer to formal financial training but I can tell you that it really isn’t that at all.

    What this game is though is a medium which makes you think about alternative investment opportunities which 80-90% of the population would probably never ever think of. So it can really get your mind working into overdrive if you allow it.

    It’s a well made game, probably a bit expensive for what it is but it’s what you get out of it that’s more important.

    Overall Rating55555
    Durability Rating55555
    Fun Factor Rating44444
    Educational Rating55555
  • Brian James said:

    Personally I think this game isn’t educational, to call it anything other than a game is dangerous as it makes people think the information contained within it is going to tell them how to invest in stocks and shares. It’s okay but it’s not worth the full price.

    Overall Rating22222
    Durability Rating44444
    Fun Factor Rating22222
    Educational Rating22222

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