Classic Monopoly Board Game Sells For $146,500

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The Monopoly board game, originally known as the Landlords game, recently sold at the UK auction house Southerby’s for $146,500 which was almost double the original estimate. Looking at the board of the game myself, it certainly wasn’t anything like I’d associate with a “normal” Monopoly board, in fact the board is made in the original cloth circular design which was hand made by Charles Darrow himself. In many ways the design is actually better and more appealing than the current one.

It’s thought that this Monopoly game probably originates from around 1933 and was handed down from generation to generation from Charles Darrow. The set is one of the earliest Darrow sets which is known to have survived which includes the rules with it.

Once Southerby’s spokes person remarked:

It is the earliest [Charles] Darrow set known to survive, the only one of circular shape, and the earliest to include rules. The circular and handmade game-set is one of the most significant artefacts of this extraordinarily popular game.

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