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Dabble Board Game Box
Overall Rating55555
Durability Rating55555
Fun Factor Rating4.674.674.674.674.67
Educational Rating4.674.674.674.674.67

3 Positive Review(s)

5 / 5

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Overall - The Dabble Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 - Based On 3 Reviews.

The Dabble board game is a fun and funky Word/Educational board game bought to you by Brooklyn based inventor George Weiss.

DABBLE provides fun for the entire family. Not only does it provide a challenge for the savvy speller, but it is the ultimate way to make learning fun for younger children.

At the core of the game lies a fast paced word game that will help children develop many useful skills including vocabulary, spelling and the ability to think quickly under pressure.

This is an exciting and challenging family game that provides hours of fun for two to four players.

The rules of the game are simple. Each player selects 20 lettered tiles and must be the first person to spell 5 different words (a 2 letter, 3 letter, 4 letter, 5 letter and 6 letter word) within a five minute time frame.

The first player to do this will score points for tiles left unused by his/her opponents. The first player to score 100 points wins the game.

To make the game a little easier for new spellers, simply remove or extend the timer or omit the 5 and 6 letter word requirement.

This game has a hint of Scrabble about it but there are a couple of nice things about this game over the Scrabble board game. Dabble gives a time limit per turn of only 5 minutes to come up with a long word, this means that unlike Scrabble (when the timer isn’t used)the game doesn’t drag on. In addition to that there is no point scoring, what this means is that the game is much quicker to play and for that reason is a little more fun.

Dabble is a great game for the entire family or for the kids. If you’ve played Dabble then let us know what you thought of it by adding your own review to our user board game reviews below.

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  • Add said:

    I recently purchased this game to use in our family game night which we have once a month. I have school aged children who love to get involved and play the games we choose. What I found with the game is it’s fast paced, easy to get started and is educational. The game delivers exactly what it promises.

    If you enjoy games like Scrabble but you want something quicker and less dull then this is the game for you.


    Overall Rating55555
    Durability Rating55555
    Fun Factor Rating55555
    Educational Rating55555
  • UltraJ said:


    Bought the game through you guys last week and started playing it yesterday, it’s a really good game. It takes what I would consider to be a boring concept for a game and makes it a little more fun and interesting.


    Overall Rating55555
    Durability Rating55555
    Fun Factor Rating44444
    Educational Rating44444
  • Barbara said:

    Great fun, educational game for everyone in the family!

    Overall Rating55555
    Durability Rating55555
    Fun Factor Rating55555
    Educational Rating55555

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