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Learning how to play the Monopoly board game can be a daunting task, especially if you want to get good at it and you want to beat all of your friends. But despite it’s popularity there are still many people out there who have no clue how to play the Monopoly board game.

What The Monopoly Board Consists Of

Each game contains several property cards, these are the most desirable part of the Monopoly game because each time a player lands on a property space corresponding to your property cards then you will receive a rental payment as a result. The amount of money you actually receive will depend upon several factors including how many properties you own of a particular group and whether or not you have houses or hotels built on those properties.

The Monopoly game also uses currency, at the beginning of each game each player is given a set amount of currency to start the game with, this is typically around $1,500. The currency is used throughout the game to buy properties, pay bills and pay other players.

There are also game cards within the board game, the Community Chest cards and the Chance cards. Each of these two cards correspond to places on the board, if a palyers lands on the corresponding place on the board then the player has to act on the instructions on the card accordingly.

The number of player pieces available is 6, the players piece is selected by each player at the beginning of the game. The version of the game which you play will determine which peices you have. However the traditional pieces include the dog, the boot, the car, the hat, the iron and the plane.

The game also includes green houses and red hotels, again some versions will vary from the original in this respect. The houses and hotels and houses are built upon property spaces and increase the rental value of the properties which includes the amount of money you can earn from each one.

Playing The Game

Each player starts the game with a set amount of money, the actual quantity of money is found in the version instructions.

This family board game starts with the first player rolling the dice, the player will then move their piece the number of places corresponding to the number on the dice. If the player lands on a property then they are not usually allowed to purchase it during the first cycle of the game.

However, if the player wasn’t on the first turn around the board then they would be able to purchase that particular property by paying the purchase price marked out on the board. This money is paid to one person who is nominated as the banker for the game.

Each player may also land upon card spaces such as a Community Chest or Chance space, these cards will have semi random events on which will direct the player to take a certain action. Such actions often include receiving money, paying due taxes and occasionally going to jail.

When each player passes go they receive a value of “pass go” money, this is currently $200 in the US 2011 version. Should the player be unlucky enough to land on the “go to jail” space then they are required to go to jail and not collect their $200. For a player to get out of jail they will either need to cough up $50 or choose to try and roll a double on the dice. If the player chooses to try and roll a double and succeeds then they will then move the required number of spaces on the board.

The board also contains “tax” squares, if any one player lands on the tax square then they will be required to pay that amount of tax into the center of the board. Any player is then eligible to collect that money if they land on the “free parking” space at some time in the future of the game.

If a player lands on a property owned by a rival player then the player must play the rental fees outlined on the property card. The fee increases were a full set of properties is owned or if the person has properties with hotels and houses on. The most successful properties are the more expensive ones which also have hotels built on, the fees on these then increase exponentially to a point that sends many players bankrupt.

If a player doesn’t have the cash to pay their bills then they are able to mortgage off their properties for the value detailed on the back of the card.

In Conclusion

Overall, this guide doesn’t contain all of the rules and instructions for the Monopoly board game but what it does offer is a brief overview of how the game works. You can find out a full history of Monopoly here.

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