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The Clue board game is a very fun Murder Mystery/Strategy board game which has been around since the 1940′s. Also known as the Cluedo board game outside of North America, this game sees up to 6 players investigating the mansion house murder mystery in order to find out “who done it”.

The first thing you will need to do is set up the board game and get your pieces ready to play. The game features several different parts, the first of which are the characters, of which there are currently 6 in total. The 6 characters are represented by 6 small colored characters, colored to represent the characters name. So Mr Green is a green colored character, Mrs Peacock is peacock colored and so on and so forth.

The game also features several different sets of cards, there are 3 sets in total. The first set represents one each of the characters, the second one each of the weapons featured in the game and the third represents a specific room of the house (board).

Before you begin the game you will need to separate the cards into their 3 sets and then shuffle each set to make sure they have been well mixed up. Next, you can remove one card from each of the 3 piles, making sure to keep them face down and secret. These cards will represent the murderer, the weapon used to commit the murder and the room in which the murder took place. These cards are then placed into a brown envelope which is subsequently sealed. The remaining cards are then dealt out to all of the players, this is where it’s important to have at least 3 players in order to make the game work. Each player will receive a mixture of different cards which may include cards from weapons, suspects and rooms, it’s important to note though that these cards do not need to spread evenly. In other words it’s fine for a player to have all room cards or all weapon cards, this is what makes the game more interesting.

Now that the players all have their cards dealt to them, they are given a slip of paper which lists the rooms, weapons and suspects, each player must go through the lists on the slip of paper and tick off the ones they have. This will help the player identify which room, weapon and suspect was NOT involved in the murder.

It’s then time to start playing the game. Each player will take it in turns to roll the die and move their pieces around the board, on each move each player is allowed to make a guess as to the details of the murder which will include the suspect, the room and the weapon used to commit the murder. Each player then has to show the current player any card(s) they have mentioned in their accusation. For example, if player 1 says he thinks that it was Mr Green in the Library with the Candlestick, if player 2 had the Candlestick then he would need to show it to player 1 without revealing it to the other players. This would then allow player 1 to tick off the candlestick from their list as a weapon which was NOT used in the murder. Eventually as the game continues, more and more weapons, rooms and suspects will be eliminated to the point where one of the players will be able to tell exactly who the murderer is.

The first player to win will be the one who correctly names the murderer, the weapon and the room the murder was committed in.

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  • William said:

    Don’t forget all the variations on it…my favorite (which is a real variation rather than just a retheme) is Clue: Master Detective.

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