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The Ouija board is the paranormal board game which became highly popular during the years of 1920 and 1960, the board itself has been a round a lot longer than that in fact and you can read a full history of the Ouija board game here.

One of the things people get stuck with though is exactly how to they use the Ouija board properly for best results, well that’s what we’re going to try and explain to you today.

So in order to understand how to use a Ouija board, you first need to own one, if you don’t already have one then you can buy a Ouija board here. There are also a few more things you can get hold of to make the experience all the more fun.

Things You’ll Need To Use The Ouija Board

  • The Ouija board, either home made or bought
  • A glass of some kind if you’re using a home made board, otherwise the planchette is just fine
  • Some cheap candles, these are used to set the atmosphere
  • A group of people, minimum of 2

Things You’ll Need To Do To Prepare To Use The Ouija Board

  1. You must have an open mind, being open will give you a far better experience when using the Ouija board.
  2. You must have good intentions
  3. If you’re able to, you should bless the board
  4. Don’t use the board with just one person
  5. Get a group of people together
  6. Find a suitable setting
  7. Place a candle on either side of the board, left and right
  8. Place a candle behind each person
  9. Turn off anything likely to cause interference such as cellphones, tvs etc

The Layout Of The Ouija Board

The Ouija board is laid out in a set pattern, the main things to be aware of are the sun & moon and the “goodbye” lettering. The sun means good and the moon means bead, the goodbye lettering is used to close out the board when you’re finished and you want the spirit to leave.

Starting Your “Game”

You should start with the planchette or glass roughly in the center of the board, laid over the lettering. Then each person should place their first and second fingers onto the planchette, once everyone is happy and ready to go you then start to chant the words “Ouija are you there?”. You should repeat these over and over until the planchette moves to “yes”, once the planchette has moved to “yes” the board is open. Once the board is open, then you can start to ask some questions. The following is how you should approach this part:

  1. Ask to speak to someone very specific, this should be the full name of the person and their relationship to you
  2. You should then ask if they are from the “sun” or the “moon”. If the planchette moves to the “moon” you must then tell the spirit “goodbye”, keep repeating that word until the planchette moves to “goodbye”
  3. If the planchette moves to the “sun” then this is a good spirit and you are now able to start asking questions
  4. Once you have finished communicating with the spirit, you can then chant “goodbye” to close the board

Final Points

It’s always a good idea to have a spectator present during your Ouija session, this person can write down messages and letters which come out of the session, this prevents people from being confused as can often happen.

The most important part is be sensible, be careful and be respectful.

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