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Published On 4 August 2011 By - 2 Comments

iPad Releases Puerto RicoThe Puerto Rico Board Game is one of those very popular strategic board games which have seen big success in the board game world. Released back in 2002 by Rio Grande Games and designed by Andreas Seyfarth the game has sold around 250,000 copies all told, making it a pretty successful game in anyone’s eyes.

This strategy based board game allows up to 5 players to take on the role of colonial governors in Puerto Rico, the aim being to put up buildings, harvest crops and ship goods back to the “Old World” to obtain points as a result.

Well, Ravensburger Digital have now bought us this game in the popular portable iPad device. It’s not the first board game to be brought to iPad and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The major benefits of the iPad version are the single player mode, meaning you can play this game alone now if you choose to. In addition to that the introduction of difficulty modes have made it more interesting for those who aren’t new to the game and for those who are new there is a tutorial mode which takes you through everything that is the Puerto Rico Board Game.

The Puerto Rico Board Game for iPad is available now in the App store at a snip of just under 8 bucks.

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  • Gary Sonnenberg said:

    Side note: I’ve read elsewhere that the price will go up by $2.00 later. I haven’t found official word of that or a date when it might rise. Still interested iPad owners are probably safer buying sooner than later.

  • BG (Board Game Critic) said:

    @ Gary – Thanks for the heads up on that Gary, looks like people should get in quick then :) .


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