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Game Of Life Board Game Box
Overall Rating3.333.333.333.333.33
Durability Rating2.672.672.672.672.67
Fun Factor Rating33333
Educational Rating2.332.332.332.332.33

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3 / 5

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Overall - The Life Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 3 Out Of 5 - Based On 4 Reviews.

Game of Life Board GameThat’s Life, or at least the Life board game anyway. The Life board game, otherwise known as The Game Of Life, is a family board game which requires between 2 and 6 players, playing it with more players can be far less boring though.

The aim of the game is to take you through every stage of life from University right through to getting a job, earning a wage and having your first family. Make your decisions wisely and you could see yourself racing to the end of the board with financial freedom, make the wrong decision and you may end up ruined.

There isn’t really any skill required to play Life, the entire game is really based on luck more than judgement, which is a little unfortunate.

The Look And Feel

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  • Ben said:

    Not one of my favourites I have to admit. Bought this game expecting it to be a little like Monopoly but with more of a fun twist to it, in fact it’s nothing like Monopoly.

    Our biggest criticisms is that the game is mostly based on luck, there is no skill to it, not as you would expect. In addition to that the overall feel of the game and game play is a little dull to say the least.

    It’s one you’ll play once or twice and have a bit of fun but it probably won’t come out of the cupboard after that.


    Overall Rating33333
    Durability Rating44444
    Fun Factor Rating22222
    Educational Rating22222
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  • Violet said:

    When I was younger, I loved the game. It was my favorite board game of all time, and I really, really, really loved it. I would always play whenever my friends were over (because its never fun play with just your brother). It was a staple of my childhood. I liked it more tan Monopoly because it actually ended, and it was more fun than Sorry because it had more of a plot.

    I relished in the make-believe, of taking on this persona based on the job I was given randomly. I would always try to be someone who I longed to be when I grew up. Each game, I was a new person, all depending on the luck of the draw. Sometimes I was an entertainer who never married, made tons of money but lost it all in a flood and retired to a little community out in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes I was a doctor who married, had six kids, became an artist later in life and retired in a cozy house in Miami. Other times I was completely different. I enjoyed the feeling of growing up at rapid pace, and starting all over when ever I wanted to. The thrill of creating a life and tearing it down with tiny cars, and colorful cartoon people was all I needed to love the game of Life.

    And now that I’m older and I’m beginning to play the real game of life, I long for that God-like ability to create and destroy, create and destroy. In the game, if you get the wrong card or land on the wrong place its no big deal. You may lose the game, but you can always start over. In real life, if something happens, you can’t go back, you can’t start over no matter how much you long to. Time only goes one way.

    But it is that difference between the terrors of real life, and the malleability of the game that makes Life fun even now. It’s an escape, a fantasy away from the permanent dangers that lie ahead. You can be anyone in the game, and there are no consequences. The excitement of being someone different is still there and I don’t think it will ever get old. I still love the game of Life.

    And on that note, I would recommend this game to the young and old. Exploring all the possibilities of life, for fun or wisdom, will always be enjoyable until the end of human civilization.

    Overall Rating55555
    Durability Rating33333
    Fun Factor Rating55555
    Educational Rating44444
  • Jean said:

    This game is good the first time you play it, the enjoyment lasts around 30 minutes and then you get bored.

    The pieces are flimsy and break easily, the game play lacks skill and imagination. The game is based purely on luck and nothing else.

    Overall, a game which you can play once but don’t expect to want to play it again.

    Overall Rating22222
    Durability Rating11111
    Fun Factor Rating22222
    Educational Rating11111

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