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Published On 11 March 2011 By - 1 Comment So Far

Monopoly ColombiaThe massively popular and successful Monopoly board game has finally made it’s way to Colombia. The Monopoly board game is around 75 years old, having been released back in the 1930′s. In it’s time there have been somewhere around 250 million copies sold around the board. There have been multiple versions, editions and special editions, with special versions including those made from Chocolate, solid gold, Braille and many others. You can see our full breakdown of the history of Monopoly here.

The owners of Monopoly, company giant Hasbro, are due to open up offices in Colombia later this year and so to commemorate the event they have decided to release a Colombian version of the game. All of the sites and places on the board have not yet been set out and they’re giving the public the chance to vote on which sites and places they would like to see featured on the board game. The voting system will be online from the 9th of April through to the 22nd, by that point Hasbro say they will have selected all the places to be featured and then production of the board game will commence.

You can head over and register to leave your vote today at the Official Monopoly Colombia website.

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    [...] Rushen. The new game version comes along side the release of many other versions of the game, the Columbian version of Monopoly, which we reported on recently,  just been one of [...]

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