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Getting kids away from the TV is something many parents are trying to achieve but with so many gadgets and electrical items now contained within the home it’s really hard to draw away the child’s attention. But as part of a child’s development it’s really important that they gain social experiences and educational experiences and none of these are generally offered by a computer game which they can sit playing for hours on their own.

Just one solution is getting your kids to play board games with their friends. Board games can be fun, educational and they allow the child to play in a group with other children, thus improving their social and interaction skills. So what are our top 5 favourite board games for kids?

The following board games are suitable for different ages, you can check them our in our board games database to see the relevant age range, game history and playability. The following games are not listed in any particular order:

Trouble Board Game

The Trouble board game is a fun board game for kids which is sure to keep them happy for hours on end. The design of the game is colorful and fun looking and instead of having the conventional method of dice rolling this game has a large dome for “popping” the dice on each move, something to get the kids interested.

Players take it in turns to move any of their four playing pieces around the board with the “pop” of the dice, with the aim of getting the pieces back to their home space before anyone else.

This fun board game is suitable for kids aged 5 – 9 and the adults can join in as well.

candyland-board-gameCandyland Board Game

The Candyland board game, also soon to become the Candyland TV show, is a colorful 2 – 4 player kids game which is designed and aimed at the very young. The game is based on the story of the lost king of Candyland and it’s the players job to work their way around Candyland looking for the king and progressing their piece to the final square.

The game is designed for kids ages 3 – 7 and just like any games involving dice it’s a great way to improve the child’s maths and general counting skills.

Scrabble Junior Board GameJunior Scrabble Board Game

The Scrabble board game is a board game of words and so for that reason it may not be suitable for younger children as it can be a little boring after a lengthy period of play. However this game allows kids to formulate words from their letters, from which they also have to come up with the correct spellings. Whilst it’s maybe not as fun as most other kids board games it is very educational and very helpful if your child struggles with their spelling.

The junior edition of Scrabble is aimed at children under the age of 8 years and can also be played by adults.

Cashflow 101 Board GameCashflow 101 Junior Board Game

The Cashflow 101 board game is usually one for the adults but designer Robert Kiyosaki has recently designed and released a junior edition of the game. The game is designed to be more educational than fun and for that reason it may have a slightly complex game play for some children. However if your child is lightly older, maybe going into their early teens then this could be a great educational board game for them to play.

The purpose of the game is to teach the basic principles because financial management and stock investment. It’s a lot more expensive than most kids board games but it’s worth the money if your child is interested in maths and business.

Sorry Board Gamesorry-board-game

The Sorry board game is a great family game as well as being a brilliant kids board game. The game is designed for 2-4 players aged over 5 years. The game play is similar to that of the Trouble board game in that each player has 4 pieces to move around the board, the main difference is that there are no dice, instead each player selects a card on their turn and moves their pieces according to the instructions on he card.

It’s a fun kids board game with a slightly different twist, it doesn’t really provide any educational value but it is a good opportunity to socialise and interact.

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