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ouija-board-gameJust a few weeks ago I posted here on Board Games Critic to announce that Universal had dropped the Clue movie from their list of movie productions. This announcement came some couple of years after they signed a deal with Hasbro to produce a range of board game based movies amongst which was Monopoly, Candy land and Clue. Well now it’s circulating the web that Universal Pictures have announced that they will no longer be producing the movie based upon the supernatural board game, Ouija.

The Ouija movie has gone through changes previously to being dropped, the movie was originally going to be scripted by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis but that changed not long after the movie was announced. It was expected that production on the Ouija movie was going to start this summer with an expected release date of around 2012, some 6 months following the release of the Battleship movie. Ouija was expected to have a theme which wasn’t dissimilar to that of Jumanji, the highly successful movie of the 90′s starring Robin Williams.

Ouija is just one out of 4 movies which have said to have now been dropped by Universal, Clue being the most recent.

So whether or not Ouija will now see the light of day remains to be seen and time will tell. We’re still waiting to here from Universal to find out whether or not the rumours are true as Ouija still appears under the production list on their website.

Does anyone have a link to the official announcement from Universal? If so, please post it in the comments below.

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