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Settlers of Catan Board Game Reviews
Overall Rating4.
Durability Rating4.
Fun Factor Rating44444
Educational Rating33333

2 Positive Review(s)

5 / 5

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Overall - The Settlers of Catan Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 - Based On 2 Reviews.

the-settlers-of-catanThe Settlers of Catan is a highy popular game amongst those who enjoy playing lengthy strategy games, it’s the board game version similar to those many computer games we see about building virtual settlements. Each player takes their turn to try and build their collony, gather resources, build roads and other structures.

Work your way through the game, trade with your opponentes and build your victory points to a level where you rain victorious.

The Settlers of Catan has given rise to many, many related expansion packs and versions including the Settlers of Catan card game, a new version of the card game is due to be released soon.

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  • Paul said:

    The main thing I love about Catan is the expansion packs, the problem with most board games is that you play them a few times and get bored. Catan solves this by providing numerous expansions which re-vitalise the game and allow you to play multiple different variations.

    A great game for those who enjoy lengthy strategy games.


    Overall Rating55555
    Durability Rating44444
    Fun Factor Rating55555
    Educational Rating44444
  • Board Game Josh said:

    Settlers is a great “gateway” game. It is good for introducing new people to the deeper strategy board game genre.

    Overall Rating44444
    Durability Rating55555
    Fun Factor Rating33333
    Educational Rating22222

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