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Published On 4 August 2011 By - 1 Comment So Far

Clue MovieDon’t panic … although I’m sure you’re not … but Universal Pictures have dropped the Clue movie from their list of movie productions. However not to fear as Hasbro are pushing on with it’s development and the movie will still be made and released sometime in the near future. Hasbro are apparently going to be producing the movie with Gore Verbinski’s Blind Wink, according to an article published by Deadline just yesterday.

The Clue movie is one of 7 movies to be made that are based upon board games, this was put together as part of a 6 year deal signed back in 2008. However so far 3 out of the 7 games to be made into movies have been dropped by Universal, Monopoly, Magic and Clue included. The full list of 7 is shown below:

The Truth is though that whilst many people maybe fed up of hearing about movies been made into board games and may question their potential success, we only have to look at Transformers to see that toys/games movie franchises can work. The Transformers franchise is said to have grossed somewhere in the region of 2 and a half billion since the release of the first movie a few years ago. With those types of numbers surely it can only get better for Hasbro.

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