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Zombies Board Game Reviews
Overall Rating4.
Durability Rating55555
Fun Factor Rating4.
Educational Rating1.

2 Positive Review(s)

5 / 5

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Overall - The Zombies Board Game Received A Total Rating Of 5 Out Of 5 - Based On 2 Reviews.

Zombies-Board-GameZombies board game, or Zomies!!! as it’s also known across the internet, is a great game for the adults to play on those dark nights in. If you enjoy playing strategy board games but you’re looking for something a little different to the “norm” then this may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

It’s recommended that you don’t play this game with kids under the age of 13 as it does contain some adult themes.

Build your own game, breed your flesh eating Zombies and take over the town!

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  • Sean said:

    Zombies is a great game but it’s probably only great for other horror freaks like me. It’s not a simple game to get to grips with and may actually take a few plays before you get the hand of it.

    The premise of the game is pretty simple, the first to get to the helipad tile or the first to have 25 defeated zombies wins. It’s simple, not too thought provoking and also fun.

    A great game for those dark and stormy evenings.

    Overall Rating44444
    Durability Rating55555
    Fun Factor Rating44444
    Educational Rating22222
  • Paula said:

    Not an educational board game by a long chalk but fun to play in any case.

    It takes a little time to get used to the rules but once you’ve played it a couple of times it’s great fun :) .

    Overall Rating55555
    Durability Rating55555
    Fun Factor Rating55555
    Educational Rating11111

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