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Board GamesWith all of the modern technology we now have in our everyday lives people forget about the more simple things in life, such as playing Board Games. Board Games are a classic institution which is today largely forgotten by the young and yet playing a good Board Game is a perfect way to interact and spend time with your family, friends and other loved ones.

Here at Board Games Critic we’re trying to keep Board Games alive by reminding people of how much fun a good board game can be.

All you need to do is think about the occasion you intend to play the Board Game and who you intend to play it with, then select the most appropriate page from the list below and we’ll provide you with the best Board Games for you. Maybe you’re looking for an adult Board Game or just a kids Board Game to play at the weekend, whatever it may be, we’ve tried to provide you with a resource of the best games available. This includes a mix of both classic and modern.

If you don’t see a category of Board Game listed then make sure to drop us an email so that we can add them to our growing list of popular Board Games.

Adult Board Games

Board games aren’t just for kids like many people think, there are many board games on the market today which are designed purely for adults, their theme and design purely adult in nature. When we... Read More

Educational Board Games

In this fast paced and digital society which we’re living in, board games are being forgotten. But from an educational perspective board games can be a fantastic way of teaching children many skills... Read More

Family Board Games

What a great way to spend time with the family at any time of the year than by playing fun package family board games with those closest to you. All too often these days people have no time for each other... Read More

Fun Board Games

Fun board games are great for all of the family an for all ages, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a teenager, kid, adult or grandparent, there’s sure to be a fun board game out there... Read More

Kids Board Games

When you’re choosing a kids board game it’s important that you make your selection according to their age. Many board games which you may think are suitable for your children may in fact not... Read More

Strategy Board Games

Strategy board games are probably one of the most common types of board game and as far as Board Games Critic goes this is the most common type of game you will see on our site simply because there are... Read More

Trivia Board Games

Trivia board games tend to be more aimed towards adults and are often not that appealing to younger children or teenagers. Having said that though there are many junior versions of some of the most popular... Read More