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Cashflow 101 Board GameCashflow 101 or the Cashflow board game as it’s also known, has been dubbed “Monopoly on Steroids”. This educational board game is a game designed as a learning tool for teaching basic accounting skills and financial management. The game has been created as a method of re-enforcing the information contained within the already popular books released by Robert Kiyosaki. The most notable being the number 1 best selling financial book of all time called “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

The game achieves it’s educational value by simulating real life financial situations and strategies, thus allowing players to gain insight into their own personal finance and investing without having to bare any of the risks usually associated.

Cashflow 101 is split into two sections, the “Rat Race” and the “Fast Track”, the Fast Track allows you to proceed around the board much quicker but it also means you have more money and more investments to make in order to prevent your cash from being lost to lawsuits and tax. The Rat Race is a somewhat slower pace and in contrast to the two dice rolled in the Fast Track you only roll one dice. You move around the board drawing cards from four decks, the deck you select from depends on which space you land. Some of the deals you’re forced to make may be good and some maybe bad and lead to financial loss.

For a game which teaches finance, accounting, investing and management at the same time, it really makes the learning experience fun.

Cashflow 101 Game Information
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Game Genre:Educational
Suitable For:10 Years & Over
Number Of Players:2-6
Approx Playing Time:2 Hours
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    A History Of The Cashflow & It’s OriginsCashflow 101 Board Game Board

    Cashflow 101 is an educational board game which was designed by the best selling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad“, it’s aim being to teach players financial management through concepts of investing, money management, real estate and risk management. The game was designed and released back in 1996 and has since become and incredibly popular educational board game.

    Robert Kiyosaki has also released many other motivational and business books, all released under the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” brand. His combined sales of books are said to have reached somewhere over 26 million copies to date. Kiyosaki is an American investor, business man and motivational speaker born in 1947.

    Interesting Facts About Cashflow

    • Cashflow 101 Is Being Called “Monopoly On Steroids”

    Notable Versions, Editions & Special Editions

    Robert Kiyosaki has also released two other games in the Cashflow 101 series, the first is the expansion pack called Cashflow 202 which is made for more advanced players of the game, the second is a kids board game. The kids board game is called Cashflow for Kids.

    Kiyosaki has also released different formats of the game, these were designed for Windows and MAC operating systems and known as “Cashflow The E-Game”.

    The market has also seen the release of two redevelopments of Cashflow 101 by two separate companies, one called Abundance and the other called The Millionaire Maker Game. The first was released by a former employee of Kiyosaki and the second by a former distributor or the Cashflow 101 board game.

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    Cashflow 101 Board Game

    Cashflow 101 or the Cashflow board game as it’s also known, has been dubbed “Monopoly on Steroids”. This educational board game is a game designed as a learning... Read More